Here’s an overview of some of our system’s revenues and projected revenues. If you would like more information, contact us today for your copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document with a complete Item 19 from all of our Big Frog stores. Remember, your individual financial results may differ from the results stated in this financial performance representation.

Annual Systemwide Gross Revenue

In our Item 19, we disclose our systemwide gross revenue for the past five years. By systemwide, we mean the compiled store revenues.  Big Frog has seen a steady increase in revenue since our inception in 2008.


Annual Store Revenue by Year

When looking at individual store, annual gross revenue over the past five years, there are some noticeable trends.  Not only is each store improving their revenue year over year, but our newer stores are seeing much higher first year revenues due to an improved marketing and training program.


Average Store Gross Revenue by Year

This graph shows the average, annual gross store revenue by year in the Big Frog system.  To calculate average store revenue, we use every open Big Frog – even if they were open only one month that fiscal year. Again, we see a consistent upward trend in revenues which we attribute to a stores length in the market as well as improved marketing and business coaching programs.

Store Key Performance Indicators Broken Out by Thirds

This financial performance is available in greater detail in our Franchise Disclosure Document. Please, fill out the request form to obtain a copy.