A Culture of Community at Big Frog

Have you been struck by the entrepreneurial bug?

Whether you’re a new or seasoned franchise owner, building a successful business can be a thrilling prospect. But while you may be building your OWN business, you certainly won’t be doing it alone. Not when you join the Big Frog family, anyway.

At Big Frog, teamwork, community and open communication combine to create a culture akin to a tight-knit family. In fact, it was President Tina Bacon-DeFrece’s experience growing up in the military that helped shape our company values – and contribute to the company’s growth. Below we discuss a few of the ways these experiences shine through in the culture of Big Frog. You can read more about Tina, her background and the Big Frog connection, by checking out this article in Forbes Magazine.


Life on a military base gave Tina a first-hand look at what can be accomplished when people work together for the common good…not just in terms of productivity, but also in the safety and sense of community that evolves from that level of teamwork.

Listening to our franchisees and hearing their opinions is one way we’ve tried to mimic that same level of community at Big Frog. Through this commitment, franchisees are better able to see themselves as true partners in our brand.


 Our relationship with the local community is also something very important to us at Big Frog.

One way we gave back recently, was through the sponsorship of an area middle school. Not only did franchisees visit the school to meet with students, but we also brought students back to our annual convention for an inspirational session that included open dialogue about hopes, dreams and the path to entrepreneurship.


Moving around and meeting different people gave Tina early exposure to how quickly language and communication styles can change depending on where – and who – you’re speaking with.

A key to developing that adaptability? It comes in part to an ability to listen and be there for your team. One way we do this at Big Frog is through our Big Froggers Facebook page. Here, franchisees and employees gather to engage, ask questions and share their success stories.

These three qualities play an important role in the culture of Big Frog. What qualities are most important to you when choosing a franchise?