Smart Ways to Beat Amazon & Online Retail Competitors

Online retail competition isn’t what it’s cut out to be – and here’s why. Let’s take Amazon, for example, it isn’t the retail behemoth so many independent stores think it is. Sure, it’s big (ok, massive) in online selling, but it doesn’t measure up to Big Frog when it comes to the loyal passion our shoppers show for our custom products, personalized service, and valued contributions to the local community.

Delivery Isn’t Better with Amazon Prime

Our Big Frog stores offer a one-of-a-kind shopping experience the minute customers walk through the door into our colorful showrooms where they can touch, feel and try on products. Our stores are a destination for screen-weary customers seeking in-person inspiration. And when our customers do need an order delivered, it’s fulfilled and shipped with the greatest attention to detail and quality – one of the many ways Big Frog beats the online retail competition.

Big Frog Custom T-Shirt &Amp; More Store

As a locally owned Big Frog franchise, here are some franchise business tips on how your store can stand out from the crowded online marketplace:

Know your niches. Focus on the customers who are most profitable for your store. Are they parents with kids on youth sports teams? Newly engaged couples planning fun ways to celebrate their upcoming nuptials with themed engagement party Ts? Is it the yoga studio down the street catering to the 60-plus crowd? Remember, our products aren’t only direct-to-consumer; they help other businesses sell to their customers.

Send them reminders and discounts. As you close the sale, ask your customer if it’s tied to a special event, like soccer season starting up or Grandma’s weeklong vacation with the kids next week. When the same time comes around next year, call or email them a reminder of the amazing custom shirts that would make their event even more special, and offer a limited-time offer.

Welcome customers’ fur babies with a biscuit. Treat their fur babies, and you’ll have a friend (and customer!) for life. Pampering your customers’ pooches makes an instant emotional connection that they’ll take with them after they leave your store. Always ask them first if it’s OK to treat their pup. Even if your customer says “not this time,” she’ll remember your generous gesture.

Tell your story.  Showcase your people. Show off your graphic designer’s most creative looks on social media. Profile the smiling face who greets customers every day in-store at your website. As the owner, share your own voice. A couple of months in advance of the holidays, pitch to your local news or radio program the value of shopping locally and customizable gifts and offer an on-camera interview and tour of your shop. The media is always looking for content.

Online retail competition can be steep, but there’s one way locally owned brick-and-mortar businesses always wins – it’s the personalized service we offer within our own communities.