Big Frog Offers American Made Clothing

It’s July and it seems like a great time to talk about clothing “made in America”. Just five years ago, it was pretty hard to find clothing made in the USA. The main supplier that everyone has heard of is American Apparel. What’s exciting is now there are multiple brands for our Big Frog customers to choose from all grown, milled and manufactured right here in the United States.

With styles available for men, women and children there is so much to choose from. If you’re a woman who is over the boxy T, have no fear, as they have V-necks, U-necks, fitted, organic, sheer, cap sleeve, athletic and raglan. And let’s not forget those tanks too….camisole, racer back, spaghetti strap, and muscle. What’s your flavor? Shall we talk sweatshirts? With choices like pullovers, hoodies, fleece, zipped, sleeveless and cropped! The choices are plentiful and the best part is that it was MADE IN THE USA. Seriously, how can that not make you feel better about what you are wearing? It’s practically like wearing the flag as your undergarments…or did that just go too far?!

Of course, we can’t leave out our male counterparts, with almost as many options. Don’t forget about the kiddos (hello T’s, onesies, bibs, hats and hoodies).Shall I go on? Brands like Bella/Canvas, Anvil, American Apparel, Bayside and Next Level offer well over 50 styles (and once you add colors, the options are practically infinite). It’s a good feeling to be able to support American workers and some of our customers demand American made apparel. For instance, as Joe Mock (Big Frog of Plano) mentioned, “One of our customers, a Marine Recruitment Station insisted on purchasing clothing made in the USA. Fortunately, we had a wide selection from which to choose.” The price point is a tad higher for custom American tees, but it’s nice to know you’re supporting American workers.

Now go down to your local Big Frog and be an American! Create your 4th of July garb with stars and stripes or better yet, have one of our talented graphic artist do it for you ; Oh and have a safe and Happy Fourth!

Customized Fashion Trend Tip: Spirit Jerseys Are All the Rage!

Have you ever shown up to your company softball league game and felt like you were down a point already, all because the opposing team had sporty Spirit Jerseys shouting out their company’s name? Are your sorority sisters are ready to try the newest look? It seems like anywhere and everywhere you look these days, Spirit Jerseys are out there.

In case you weren’t in the know, Spirit Jerseys are oversized long-sleeved t-shirts that have big, overflowing font on the back. Girls of all ages have been seen pairing these with a comfy pair of leggings or skinny jeans. Guys can wear it with a pair of jeans or shorts. These tops are perfect for lounging around, a lazy (but fashionable) day, or even attending any big event.

Looking for this year’s hot bridal look? Try dressing the bridal party in these threads and you’ll have a happy bride parading her crew. Having a family reunion this summer? Spruce up the entire clan by setting the bar high and upping last year’s tees for this season’s hot new trend. But, the key to really making them special is to customize them with “Bride”, “Maid of Honor”, or family reunion location splayed over the back of the jersey.

Our Big Frog owner from Flower Mound – Michelle Fischer states, “Spirit Jerseys are a huge hit in my area, especially with high school girls – we just did a 200 piece order. The Spirit Jersey by J America looks amazing with glitter vinyl, washes wonderfully and is very stylish. Oh, and the bonus is they are so comfortable, it’s like wearing pajamas outside of the house.”

Michelle also shared a customer photo, “This photo features the ‘Boy Mom’ clubs. Each mom got their own jersey with ‘Boy Moms’ on the back of the jersey with their sons’ names. Such a great idea and fun way to show how proud you are of being a mom.”

These relaxed fit shirts are comfy and stylish, AND you can flaunt your favorite team, organization, group, or company. Check out Pinterest for thousands of great ways to show off your individual style.

So whether you are Will Ferrell at the FIFA World Cup or grabbing a team drink after your last win, get in the groove and sport a spirit jersey!

Fashionista out!

Communicating Across the Pond: Big Frog Forums

“Communication – human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

Most franchise systems struggle with communication.  And that means communication on multiple levels:  within the franchise group itself, from franchisor to franchisee and from franchisee to franchisee.  It’s well known that great system innovations come from the field; have you heard of “$5 Footlongs” and the “Filet-o-Fish” sandwiches?  Those are multimillion dollar ideas that came straight from a franchisee.

In order for those game changing ideas to come about, communication is essential.  One of the first things Big Frog put in place to facilitate this (and by first, I mean around 10 open stores) was a complete intranet system with forums and libraries. This intranet allows us, the franchisor, to communicate quickly and efficiently with the franchisees and the forums allow the franchisees to discuss ideas with each other (and we sometimes chime in, too).  

Franchisees are very busy people.  Not only are they running their business, but most of them have spouses, kids, pets, hobbies and life happening all around them.  So sometimes it can be challenging to get them to allocate some time to the exchange of ideas on our forums.  So Big Frog did something a little differently; in return for participating in the forums, we give quarterly supplies/discounts away in a random drawing for anyone actively engaging in our system.  Last year alone the Franchise Group gave away over $2,500 in supplies and discounts to our franchisees.

We really are lucky to have such generous store owners that will take the time to comment on possible marketing strategies, new product testing, and customer satisfaction.   This mutually beneficial interaction is truly priceless with people “in the field” speaking to each other, conquering challenges and motivating others to great successes.  The intranet/forum system has been one of the best investments we’ve made, with priceless results.