Our Milestone of Growth – 9.5 Years In

A Group Of Franchisees Posing In Front Of A Pool.

When a new franchise business opens its doors, it’s natural for them to optimistically dream about the growth and success they’ll achieve in the future.  When we opened our first store almost 10 years ago, we did it too.

We’re now proud to say that through hard work, a solid business model and a great community of franchisees, we’re exceeding our own expectations – and hitting milestones many franchise organizations never achieve…never mind in less than 10 short years of business.

“We learned early on, the most important factor in a healthy franchise organization is happy and profitable franchisees,” said our President Tina Bacon-DeFrece. “Our entire team truly focuses everything we do on improving the franchisee experience and building their success. We promote transparency, planning and open communication to grow our brand to new heights.”

By focusing on the franchisee experience – and providing them with the support, training and coaching needed to grow a successful business, we’ve had nine years of double digit growth. In fact, we’ve just celebrated the opening of our 100th location – with plans to open 25 more stores in 2018.

It’s a level of success we couldn’t have reached without the dedication and enthusiasm of our franchisees. These men and women are contributing positively to their communities, building relationships with each other and representing a brand they believe it – not just for their own personal gain, but for their customers, their fellow franchisees and the entire organization.

We’re proud to have partnered with such a qualified and dedicated group of professionals. It’s because of you that we’re one of the top franchise opportunities in the market right now. And it will be because of you that we’ll continue to grow and open new stores both this year and in the years to come.